North American Camera | Lenses
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  35mm PL-Mount

  Sony 4K CineAlta Primes

20mm T2 Sony 4K CineAlta Prime
25mm T2 Sony 4K CineAlta Prime
35mm T2 Sony 4K CineAlta Prime
50mm T2 Sony 4K CineAlta Prime
85mm T2 Sony 4K CineAlta Prime
135mm T2 Sony 4K CineAlta Prime

  Super Speed

18mm T1.3 Zeiss
25mm T1.3 Zeiss
35mm T1.3 Zeiss
50mm T1.3 Zeiss
65mm T1.3 Zeiss
85mm T1.3 Zeiss

  Ultra Prime

10mm T2.1 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
12mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
14mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
16mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
20mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
24mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
28mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
32mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
40mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
50mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
65mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
85mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
100mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
135mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime
180mm T1.9 Zeiss/Arri Ultra Prime

  Cooke S4

12mm Cooke S4 T2
14mm Cooke S4 T2
16mm Cooke S4 T2
18mm Cooke S4 T2
21mm Cooke S4 T2
25mm Cooke S4 T2
27mm Cooke S4 T2
32mm Cooke S4 T2
35mm Cooke S4 T2
40mm Cooke S4 T2
50mm Cooke S4 T2
65mm Cooke S4 T2
75mm Cooke S4 T2
100mm Cooke S4 T2
135mm Cooke S4 T2
150mm Cooke S4 T2
180mm Cooke S4 T2

  Cooke S4/i Mini Primes

18mm Cooke S4/i T2.8
25mm Cooke S4/i T2.8
32mm Cooke S4/i T2.8
50mm Cooke S4/i T2.8
75mm Cooke S4/i T2.8
100mm Cooke S4/i T2.8
135mm Cooke S4/i T2.8


200mm Canon T2.0
300mm Canon T2.8
400mm Canon T2.8


11-16mm GL Optics/Tokina T2.8
17 to 50mm Red Pro T2.9
18 to 100mm Cooke T3.0
25 to 250mm Angenieux HR T3.5
24 to 290mm Angenieux Optimo T2.8
17 to 80mm Angenieux Optimo T2.3
15 to 40mm Angenieux Optimo T2.6

  Macro-Close Focus

16mm T2.0 Arri Macro
24mm T2.0 Arri Macro
32mm T2.0 Arri Macro
40mm T2.0 Arri Macro
50mm T2.8 Arri Macro
60mm T3.0 Arri Macro
100mm T3.0 1:1 Zeiss Auto Comp. Macro
200mm T4.0 Arri Macro

  35mm EF-Mount

28mm Zeiss CP2 T2.1
50mm Zeiss CP2 T2.1
85mm Zeiss CP2 T2.1
16-35mm Canon EF Zoom f/2.8L
24-70mm Canon EF Zoom f/2.8L
70-200mm Canon EF Zoom f/2.8L
28-105mm Canon Zoom f/3.5-4.5



4mm T2 Optex
6mm T1.9 Century
8mm T2 Optex

11-110mm T2.2 Zeiss
11.5-138mm T2.3 Canon

  Lens Adapters

  P+S Techniks Pro35

The Pro35 lens adapter works with any professional 2/3″ chip camera that has a standard B4 lens mount. It provides the same depth-of-field and field-of-view as a 35mm motion picture camera.

  P+S Techniks Mini35

The Mini35 lens adapter works with most fixed or detachable lens camcorders. It provides the same depth-of-field and field-of-view as a 35mm motion picture camera.