• Company or Customer Name must be listed on the Insurance Certificate. If the Company Name is a subsidiary, then a letter from parent company or affiliate is required if the named insured on the Insurance Certificate does not match.

  • North American Camera, LLC (NAC) must be listed as “Certificate Holder” on the Insurance Certificate.

  • NAC must be listed as “Loss Payee” on the Insurance Certificate.

  • Amount of insurance coverage should be no less than the total Replacement Value of the equipment being rented. Actual Cash Value is not acceptable.

  • Insurance Certificate must show Miscellaneous Equip Coverage (or Inland Marine; covering transit) under “Other” on the Insurance Certificate.

  • Effective Dates must be for the Rental possession dates, with a cushion of at least 1 day before and 2 days after, to allow for early pick up or shipping, extended shoot days, and delays in shipping or customs. More coverage days may be required for international destinations.

  • Deductible should not exceed $2500.

Customers should be aware that although it is not a requirement, Loss of Use coverage should be considered, as under the terms in the Rental Agreement, the rental charges continue until a loss or damage claim is paid, or the equipment is returned or repaired. In most cases, claims take between 60 and 90 days to settle. Many of the items we rent, can represent considerable risk of personal loss to those customers without Loss of Use coverage.

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