Arri 535B

The 535B is a studio quiet 35mm production camera. It features a PL lens mount, SMPTE time code capable, crystal speed control (3-60 fps), mechanical variable shutter (11˚-180˚), Super 35 capable, preset speeds of 24, 25, 29.97 or 30 fps.

  • Camera Body
  • Sliding 19mm Base Plate
  • Extension Finder with leveler
  • 2 Power Cables

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Arri 435ES

The 435ES is a high speed MOS camera with a built in crystal speed control that allows for speeds from 1-150 fps forward or reverse. The electronic shutter can be set from 11°-180°, and can automatically adjust exposure during speed ramp shots. The camera also features: Arriglow, Super or Normal 35 formats, swingover viewfinder and SMPTE time-code capabilities

  • Camera body
  • Viewfinder extender
  • Eyepiece leveler
  • Wide angle eyepiece
  • Sliding base plate
  • 19mm long & short rods
  • In-gate filter holder
  • 2 power cables

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The Arriflex SR-3

Advanced camera includes the following features: variable mechanical shutter (45˚,90˚, 135˚, 144˚, 172.8˚ & 180˚), Arriglow, SMPTE time-code, PL lens mount, crystal speed control 5-75 fps, Normal or Super 16 formats. The SR-3 has preset speeds of : 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps.

  • Camera body
  • Super 16 ground glass
  • Standard wide angle eyepiece
  • Right on/off hand grip
  • 2 power cables

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Beaulieu 7008 Pro

The Beaulieu 7008 Pro is a quiet running Super 8mm camera with many features including: built-in crystal speed control (4-80 fps), intervalometer, reflex viewfinder, variable shutter, in-viewfinder light meter. Camera runs standard Super 8mm stocks, or Super 8mm color negative stocks.

  • Camera body
  • 7-56mm power zoom f 1.4
  • Matt box, Lens shade
  • Remote on/off switch
  • Sound Barney


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